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Terrell County Commissioners vote to report Tax Commissioner


Terrell County's Tax Commissioner is in trouble for not following Georgia law.

She says she's just doing her job the same way she's done it for 40-years.

Terrell County Commissioners voted to report Peggy Pritchard to the Governor for holding on to tax revenue until the end of the year instead of handing it over to the county every two weeks as she's supposed to. 

Peggy Pritchard says she and commissioners have always had the same friendly arrangement on distributing the tax money, until now. 

74 year old Peggy Pritchard has been Terrrell County Tax Commissioner for 40 years. She was back at work today, not concerned about County Commissioners' vote to report her office to the Governor.

Pritchard said "I slept like a baby last night. It's not worrying me. If the Governor puts me out, he puts me out."

Terrell County's auditor pointed out that Pritchard held more than 212 thousand dollars for tax collections most of the year, instead of remitting it every month as Georgia law requires. Commissioners say they have had lots of complaints about Pritchard's office, and voted unanimously to report to the Governor.

Terrell County Commission Chairman Wilbur Gamble said "There is no fraud. There is no embezzlement. There is no shortage of money. I would say there needs to be improvements on how the money is being handled."

Pritchard said her office has received no complaints, and that is how Commissioners have handled business with her office for 4 decades.

 Pritchard said "We have had a friendly agreement that that's where we paid the money out. And I paid the money out then. The money was in the bank drawing interest. And if they needed the money for something, they just call me and said bring me a check, and I'd carry them a check."

Gamble said because of the audit, commissioners are bound by law to report the issue to the Governor's office. Pritchard said the citizens of Terrell County are satisfied with her work, because they keep re-electing her.

You were voted in by the people. Are you worried the Governor might order you to step down? Pritchard said "No, sir. I'm not worried, because it's in God's hand. Me and the Lord walk like that."

Commissioner Gamble said it's nothing personal, but says they must report the issues with the Tax Commissioner office to the Governor, and leave the decision to him.

Pritchard was re-elected last year, and has three more years in her term. She told me Thursday that if Commissioners want to remit all the tax collections twice every month, she will do it.

Commission Chairman Gamble, who has been in office 33 years, told us he knows how Georgia government works and he doesn't expect any response or decision from the Governor anytime soon.

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