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Still searching for Work...


Georgia new unemployment numbers remain unchanged for the month of January at 8.7%. Still there are 80,000 more Georgians employed than this time last year. But for the long term unemployed the search for work can difficult.

That's the reason Goodwill is teaming up with employers each week to help people get back in the workplace.

It's been a tough journey to find work for Nakil Cannon. "I can't find anything in Albany. I can't find nothing," she said. "The last place I worked was for a temporary agency."

Same story for Tisherra Jackson. She's been looking for work about two years. Jackson and Cannon are two of nearly 190,000 long term unemployed Georgians. But they haven't given up.

They are at Goodwill's Albany Career Center, where every week since November, a weekly job club features different employers, some looking to hire.

"I would say we're an up and coming company," said Jamie Ogilba with Waffle House This week, it's Waffle House. "Our goal is to hire a minimum of two people every month at each store. So that's like 6 people for all of Albany at all three stores," said Ogilba.

"We reached out to our local employers and they tell them about the hiring process, they share tips. More or less it's a networking opportunity," said Crystal Askew, Goodwill Career Center.

But for some it's turned into employment. "Since November we've helped some become privates sitters, we've found some work as CNA's, so we've had several," said Askew.

"Just actually be able to do something," said Cannon "Right now anything? Right now anything will do," said Jackson And it all starts with an application, one that will hopefully lead to a paycheck and the title of employed. For more information on the Goodwill Career Center and its weekly job club you can visit their location on North Slappey or contact them at 229-317-0970.


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