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Indictments handed down for drive by shooting

Jamontra Grant Jamontra Grant
Ian Grant Ian Grant
Clarence York Clarence York
District Attorney Greg Edwards District Attorney Greg Edwards

Prosecutors say law enforcement is making gains in their fight against gangs in Albany, putting more gangsters behind bars for their gang activities.

Now three suspected members of the Westside Rattlers street gang are indicted for a South Albany drive by shooting.

Prosecutors say they dealt a big blow to the East Side Mafia Family last week, when five of their members were convicted of murder, and are facing life sentences.  Now it's the Westside Rattlers being targeted with today's indictments.

Prosecutors say three Westside Rattlers gang members went to a house on South Jackson Street for revenge on November 10th.  Today, the grand jury indicated Ian Grant, Jamontra Grant, and Clarence York on 9 counts of aggravated assault and street gang terrorism. 

Eleven people, including a mother and her children, were in the house when investigators say the three opened fire with an assault rifle.  The shooting came after a Blood gang member beat up a Westside Rattler at an east Albany club.   Amazingly no one was hit.

 "This is the kind of that happens in gang warfare, and innocent persons are the ones that get caught in the crossfire," said District Attorney Greg Edwards.

The District Attorney says years of special gang police operations and trials for gang violence seems to be making progress in the war against Albany gangs.

 "We've had great success against the Crips gang.  Against the Black Gangsta Disciples gang, and most recently the Eastside Mafia gang," Edwards said.

Investigators say recent gang convictions have taken away the leadership of those gangs, and hopefully sent a message.

Edwards said "Gang activity results in only two things.  That is either prison or death.  Maybe we can get further influence on young people to not get associated with gangs."

Edwards said he and law enforcement leaders believe they have made progress against gangs in Albany, but still have more work to do. 

Edwards said they want people to help fight gangs in their neighborhood by giving them information.  You can call the Albany Police Gang Unit or the District Attorney's office, and give them your concerns.  And they say that information is key to fighting gangs.

Ian Grant is a convicted felon, and he is also charged with possession of a firearm.


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