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High winds can uproot soggy trees


After weeks of rain, well over a foot in some areas, and those heavy winds that blew in Tuesday, some trees in South Georgia were no match for the conditions. Now is good time to keep an eye out for is trees that could be in danger of falling.

Including one giant pine that toppled in a Northwest Albany neighborhood. It was bound to happen somewhere. After several days of heavy rains it took only a day of gusty winds to bring this pine tree on Greenwood Drive.

A decades old tree was uprooted from where it once stood in this swampy area of Dawson Road.

Ili Si Malone is an arborist with Albany Public Works. She says it's not just the saturated ground that's causing trees to give way.

"It's actually a combination. We've had several years of drought and trees show effects years later, not always immediately," said Malone.

Add lots of water and wind, "The roots will just fall over. They'll give way. They can't hold it," said Malone.

Fortunately this tree didn't fall onto the road or damage any property. In 2009, it was different story when a large tree fell across Gordon Avenue. A truck struck the tree in the road and the 66-year-old driver was killed.

Both city and county public works crews have removed dozens of trees along right of ways in danger of falling, but for property owners there are tell-tell signs a tree come soon come down.

"Do examine the roots and if it starts like it's giving a little bit or angling on one end, go ahead and call an arborist or tree surgeon," said Malone.

It's a call that could prevent one of these from causing some unwanted damage. And if you see a problem tree call the Albany-Dougherty County service number at 311 to make a report.

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