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MCLB officials still unclear how to move forward after sequestration


Leaders at the Marine Corps Logistics Base are still waiting for guidance on exactly how to implement those deep sequester budget cuts.

Civilian Marines will be furloughed.

We're not sure yet when those furloughs will begin.

Commanding Officer Colonel Donald Davis told us, Tuesday night, he's waiting for word from the Pentagon on what comes next for the base.

He says Marines and civilians at the base will continue to do their best to serve the country.

"The base will continue to support the war fighter. The Marine Corps will continue to be the world's premiere fighting force and we'll be able to answer the mail when the call comes," said Col Donald Davis.

In an open letter to Marines, the Commandant of the Marine Corps General James Amos said the Corps is now implementing $1.4-billion in cuts for this fiscal year and will have to cut $2-billion more each year for the next 9-years.

He says the cuts will significantly impact short-term and long-term Marine Corps readiness.


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