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Sewage contaminates Valdosta neighborhoods


Flood waters have receded in Valdosta, but they left behind raw sewage in some yards. Today, city workers were out cleaning it up, but WALB news ten's Lydia Jennings tells us there are still some health risks people need to be aware of.

That's not snow in south Georgia, it's lime. Utility crews have been pouring the disinfectant over raw sewage left over from last week's flood. It's helping mask the smell but there are still health concerns people need to be mindful of.

"Avoid exposure as much as possible, and clean anything that has been exposed," said Dr. William Grow, Health Director at South Health District.

Health experts say you may even want to consider getting a tetanus shot or a booster if you've had the shot in the past ten years. And consider anything you touch outside to be contaminated.

As utility crews spread lime across the area, they also warn residents to sanitize their own property, like your children's toys. Just add one tablespoon of bleach to a gallon of water.

Any items that can't be cleaned need to be thrown away. Willie Hodgins has lived in the flood prone Meadow Brook neighborhood for 43 years.

"I know a friend who was raking in '09 when they had the flood, and she had a little cut on her finger, and it got really infected the next day. You've just got to be real careful around this kind of thing," said Hodgins.

Hodgins says he plans to let mother nature take its course and he'll stay inside until its safe to get back to yard work. "We'll just stay out of it, it's just not a healthy place to be right now."

Health officials also ask residents to keep all pets inside and out of contaminated areas.

City officials say workers will be removing the raw sewage throughout the week until the area is clean and sanitary.

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