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Improved student attendance boosts funding

R.D. Harter R.D. Harter

School officials in Dougherty County are reaching out to parents to make sure students show up for class.

They want to make sure the school system doesn't lose out on federal funding.

During what's called the ten day count, the state tracks attendance for all public schools in the spring and fall. This becomes the official count for Full Time Equivalence students, or FTE's. Federal money for each school system is based on this number.

"As you know, our budget has been reduced by several million dollars, $17 million the last few years. And so every dollar counts. Right now, on FTE, our Full Time Equivalent student is worth about $3,800 a year," said R.D. Harter, the Director of Public Information for Dougherty County schools.

Students have to be in school for two of the ten days during that period to be officially counted as a student. The ten day count ends on Thursday.



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