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Portable pumps help make drainage systems in Albany


Many portable pumps are still running Wednesday night to make sure drainage systems don't backup due to the recent heavy rain.

Albany Public Works Director Phil Roberson says there are five portable pumps set up around the city to help prevent flooding.

The city built concrete pads and drain pipes in flood-prone areas.

Crews strategically move the pumps to those areas, hook them up and push water out, eventually going to several catch basins.

A neighbor in one of those areas told us the pumps are very helpful when heavy rain falls.

"Well when it rains the pump helps out the other drains and there has not been any flooding on this street. It's an excellent thing for this area," said Barbara Marshall.

The county has a similar system.

The Portable pumps supplement permanent storm station pumps so the drainage system works as efficiently as possible and prevents flooding.


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