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Reed Bingham State Park flooded


Reed Bingham State Park is partially under water tonight.

The flooding Little River forced the level of the park's lake way up, forcing park officials to close roads and shut down half the park.

It is quite a sight to see; with cameras in hand many people stopped by Reed Bingham State Park today just to witness the flooding. With water from the Little River rushing into Lake Reed Bingham, the lake rose about 12 feet over the past few days.

"It's sad to see it because I can't go fishing right now," said park guest, John Hoover.

Park officials closed down the lake, which means no boating or kayaking. And three miles of the nature trails and boardwalks are closed from flooding. The Park Manager says they won't be able to see how much the flooding has damaged the park until the water recedes.

"I think most people understand, especially our local people in Cook and Colquitt counties; they understand this happens and there's certain areas we have to close off for public safety," said Park Manager, Suzanne Passmore.

The waters have flooded Buck Creek Church County road, which is the main road in the park, it connects drivers from Cook County to Colquitt County.

DOT officials have already inspected the damaged road, which will need serious repairs. Passmore says they haven't seen flooding this bad since 2009, but it sure is bringing a lot of foot traffic.

Patricia Bloodworth brought her granddaughter, she said, "Colquitt County was out again today, I think the teachers had to go but the kids were out, so we just rode out here to let her see the water, how high it was."

Passmore says they hope to open up the closed portions of the park this weekend, but only time will tell.

There's no cost to check out the high water, but if you stick around in the park, there is a $5 fee per car.

Park officials remind you to be cautious and don't get too close to flood water.

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