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Tift cemetery becomes dump site


In this pile of trash you'll find everything from couches, T.V.s and other appliances. A dump site, or so it appears. But it's not a dumpsite or a landfill. All the trash is piled up at the Greenwood cemetery.

"It's just embarrassing. It doesn't look good at all," said Charles Howard, President of the Greenwood Cemetery Property Committee.

"Some people just don't care. So they came out here and dumped it out, and that's what they did," said Commissioner Donnie Hester.

Every year, dozens of families choose bury their loved ones at the historic site, so volunteers work hard to keep it looking nice.

"You see how it look, it doesn't look good at all," saidHester.

But a sight like this can have a major impact on a distraught family.

Recently, Charles Howard, the president of the Greenwood Cemetery Property Committee first noticed the trash, and so did a family.

Commissioner Donnie Hester and other concerned citizens aren't putting up with it.

Now, the question is why would anyone do something so disrespectful?"

"A lot of people think the landfill is closed, and this is what they are doing."said Hester.

He also says the landfill recently raised their prices. But this is no excuse to desecrate a sacred area. As soon as commissioners got word someone took their old sign down they put this sign up.

They are on a mission to end the dumping before it gets any worse.

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