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Pot holes in Albany streets product of heavy rains


Another side effect of all this rain you've probably noticed,  more potholes.

Albany Public Works DIrector Phil Roberson said water is the enemy of asphalt. Tires hitting spots weakening by water tear away the asphalt and create potholes. While still busy pumping water to avoid flooding, Albany road workers filled some of the developing holes with a temporary filler, to try to keep them from growing.

"We use some kind of granulated base or what we call coal mix asphalt, which is more inert asphalt," said Roberson.  "It won't be a long term patch, but it'll keep the safety hazard from a major pot hole being there."

Once flooding problems subside, public works will begin permanently patching the holes with hot asphalt mix.

If you have a pothole problem in Albany, you can call 3-1-1 to report it.

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