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Rain stops, pumps work on


Several roads in Dougherty County that were high and dry Monday have water flooding over them today, and some holding ponds continue to fill even after the rain ended.

Dougherty County Public Works officials say they have to continue pumping.

A huge pump has been moved back to Ramsey Road near Council Road, because of the big rise in the water level of the holding pond there. The water from this pond is being pumped downstream to another holding pond off Countryside Drive, where it is being pumped toward Piney Wood Creek.

Even with the rain over, the pumps still have to run to keep the houses around these ponds dry.

"We're at the mercy of the ground water," said Dougherty County Public Works Director Larry Cook. "In 2009 and 1998 we had the rain, but four or five days later we had ground water that actually came up and that affected us, too. So we are continuing to monitor, and continue to pump."

At least three roads are closed in Dougherty County, including Holly Drive near Moultrie Road. Dry Monday, now water roars across it with a lot of force. Some roads like Radial Avenue are full of water again, but that water is very still.

Cook said, "Some of it is creek related. Lot of it is just isolated low areas where we can't pump. We don't have a place to put it, so we just have to block the roads off."

These pumps have been running 24 hours a day for two weeks. And even though the deluge of rain is over, the pumps are still needed.

"By no means are we through. We have other areas where we are identifying, trying to work toward getting those places corrected too," said Cook.

Ground water is now being monitored in Dougherty County, as new flooding issues rise. Dougherty County officials held a meeting Tuesday morning to come up with ideas to fix Holly Drive. From what they learned, they are already formulating a plan to keep it dry, whether it be a bridge or more piping.

Larry Cook said Dougherty County has made huge strides in correcting flooding problems in recent years. Public works and county officials will continue building infra-structure to correct the problems they have seen and learned from this week.

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