Living Spaces 2010 Bedroom: Finalist 2

Michelle Chambers
Albany, Georgia

Daughter's Bedroom

Ten reasons submitted for why her room should be selected:

1. We are hoping to be a room makeover finalist due to low income. The company my husband worked with for years downsized shortly after the birth of our daughter. Now we earn a third of the income we did before the layoff.

2. It would ease the anxiety of dealing with "sticker shock".

3. It is something we have always wanted to do for our daughter. She was a miracle, and we really would like to provide her with a beautiful space.

4. The bed linens are used. The furniture is 16 years old and has a lot of wear and tear.

5. Some of the furniture in my daughter's room is damaged. The head board is rigged and often comes detached if she moves around in the bed too much.

6. We would like to see our daughter have a kid-friendly space.

7. We would like to give our daughter a room that matches her personality; a "girly-girl" room.

8. A change would do us good right now.

9. We are no longer renters. This is our first home and we finally have the liberty to make it our "own".

10. We decided to save the best for last. In the words of our 4 year old daughter, she would like to be a room makeover finalist because, "I like pink. My room is white, but I like pink, flowery rooms."

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