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Living Spaces 2010 Bedroom: Finalist 5

Vera R. Tinsley
Leesburg, Georgia

Master Bedroom

Ten reasons submitted for why her room should be selected:

1. We were in Hurricane Opal in 1995 and we lost all of our furniture.

2. This affected my husband emotionally and he began early Alzheimer's.

3. We both missed our antiques.

4. In 2007, I had to turn our bedroom into a hospital room.

5. My husband was in a hospital bed; I had a cot and cared for him 24/7.

6. My husband passed away March 2010.

7. Our daughter died suddenly 2 weeks later.

8. We lost our grandson, age 21, in the police chase on Old Leesburg Road in 2007.

9. The depression is difficult on many days.

10. Changes and repair in bedroom would be very helpful.

Living Spaces

Living Spaces

Living Spaces

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