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Worth Co. makes flood preparations


Emergency crews in Worth County are on standby for any flooding. Department heads met this morning and went over plans in case water levels rise. They say the key is staying ahead of the situation.    

A marked post may not look like much, but for emergency responders in Worth County,  it's everything.      

"When we see a rise in the second to third line, we know it's time to go," said Sylvester Code Enforcement Supervisor Angel Gray. "Once the water hits the very top, that is cause for flooding."

As more rain falls, these three yellow marks indicate what emergency crews need to do to keep folks safe.   They're constantly monitoring the water levels around town. Crews are watching another marked post on South Livingston Street.    

"The last weather update we got this morning was at ten inches."  

This morning, department heads met to go over a plan of action in case flooding does occur.   "We are actually doing logistics so that everyone knows their place at the moment of the call. We are hoping we don't ever have to be at the moment of the call. But we have to be prepared."

So just in case, public works crews are on standby, pumping out retention ponds and keeping an eye on roads. "You can see we're not stressed. And it's because of the past."  

Worth County has seen its fair share of flooding problems, including just last week. "We've been working since then to make sure those residents have those ditches cleaned out, and they are on the aware."  

The same spots get flooded and emergency crews meet with the same people.  

It's all about keeping the waterways flowing. By keeping the tributaries and areas free from debris and educating the public, and keeping folks in the loop, it's helped everyone better prepare for any flooding events to come.  

They also say the code red system helps keep residents informed, and alert them of any dangers.

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