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Decatur Co. Public Works ready for rain


While the worst may still be to come, the rain started early Friday in Decatur County.

"If we're needed they'll call us. We have people on stand by to take those calls. And if we're needed we go," said Assistant Public Works Director Andy Oliver.

Oliver and his crew at Decatur County Public Works are always ready for severe weather.

"Fortunately this year we haven't had a lot of bad weather that's caught us like that. Like we had back in the flood of '94, '95, 2005. '98. We've been real fortunate."

Public works officials say since the '94 floods, folks here in Decatur County have paid a lot more attention to flood warnings.

"It didn't flood as bad as they said it was going to be because it actually backed up. We had what was called the big slough, where our water actually backed up and filled up the big slough. So the water didn't get as high as everybody had thought at that time," said Oliver.

And Oliver says while slow consistent rain is always better than flash floods, the chance of precipitation is not all bad news.

"Last I heard we are still low on the water table. I'm not sure if we are even back up to normal yet. So yea we appreciate the rain all we can get."

Oliver says the best to do during a storm is to stay inside with plenty of food and water available.

He says if you do get stuck, you'll need something to tide you over until someone can come get you.

Five to 10 Inches of rain could fall in Decatur County over the next 48 hours.


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