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4-year-old left on Terrell Co. School Bus

Four-year-old Martez Simmons Four-year-old Martez Simmons
Four-year-old Martez Simmons Four-year-old Martez Simmons

Four-year-old Martez Simmons was back home safe Friday in Dawson. But Thursday, instead of being in class at Lillie Cooper Elementary, he spent the day alone on a school bus.

When asked if he liked riding the bus, Martez said, "Not anymore because I was locked on the bus."

The pre-k student said he fell asleep on the bus and when he woke up he said, "I didn't see no more kids."

"It's just disturbing to me because we were never notified by the school or the bus driver that he was left on the bus all day," said Four-year-old Martez Simmons.

She checked with her son's school and learned he was marked absent. She said the driver parked the bus at his home and found Martez around 11 o'clock and  took him to school. But she's not sure how that's how it happened.

"That's not the case at all. Because the person who takes the roll for the school said he was marked absent," she said.

"I was thirsty and had to use the bathroom," said Martez, who admitted to yelling and kicking in an effort to try and get someone's attention.

We reached out to the Terrell County School System for comment. They would only tell us the matter is under investigation and that the driver is on leave pending its outcome.

Cortney says that's exactly what the school system told her. But she says getting answers hasn't been easy all while thinking of possible worst case scenarios. She said, "It just hurts to think what if something might have happened."

Luckily Martez is just fine but doesn't want to get back on a school bus anytime soon.

Ms. Simmons says she doesn't want to see anyone lose their job over this but hopes the school system will beef up measures to ensure that all kids are off the bus when the driver makes a final stop.

Terrell School officials tell us the children's safety is their top priority.

No word on when the investigation will be complete.

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