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Sandbags available for flood preparation

This graph shows the estimated rainfall for our area through Sunday morning This graph shows the estimated rainfall for our area through Sunday morning
Sand bags are available at Public Works Sand bags are available at Public Works

Dougherty County EMA public works met this morning to discuss flooding and what people need to do right now to be prepared. 

Sandbags will be available at Public Works at 2104 Habersham, and at the end of Hodges Avenue, which is under the Jefferson Street bridge.

"We wanted to give everybody an opportunity who wanted to have sandbags to have a location to come get them.  And go ahead and prepare their property now instead of waiting 'till later on this afternoon and tonight when the rain actually gets here," said Dougherty Co. EMA Director Chief James Carswell.   

Shawn Williams and his mother load sandbags into his van, to put around his 95 year old grandmother's home. Water came up to the door's edge last week.

"The last time we had a whole lot of rain, it just messed that whole area up. Flooding. It was hard for them to get in the house," Williams said.

 "We had it in there Tuesday. This past gone Tuesday. We had to wade water after we came from church. And I don't want her to get her feet wet again," Cora Williams said.

Dougherty County and Albany public works employees made thousands of sandbags, and helped load them today for people getting ready for the potential problems.

"If we get over 5 or 6 inches of rain that starts causing a lot of problems, particularly south and east of here. But again we got all the pumps running. I know Dougherty County is pumping. We're trying to keep as much capacity as we can," said Albany Public Works Director Phil Roberson.

EMA officials are asking people to stay off those low lying roads this weekend, especially if there is standing water over them. Your car could stall, and you could hurt the homes around it.

"Creating a wake with the car. It can make flooding worse for some property owner that is already on the border line of whether the water is going to reach their property or not. That wave will actually carry on further," said Dougherty County EMA Director Chief James Carswell.

The county is also providing sand bags at their shop behind their Public Works headquarters at 2104 Habersham Road. Officials hope more people will be like Shawn Williams, and get those sand bags early to be prepared.

"Most definitely. It's a good thing that they are doing something like this with these sandbags. Because you wouldn't believe the people who have problems in low lying areas. And they don't have anyway of stopping the water from coming in."

Hopefully they won't be needed, but those sand bags could be the difference in keeping water out of your home, saving a lot of damage and expense.

Engineers don't expect the Flint River to be the problem because it's only; at seven feet by Friday morning, and it has many more feet of water in its capacity.

They expect what's called 'areal' flooding, which includes low lying areas and some streets.

D'town festivities for Friday night are canceled.

Dougherty County public works officials say the areas around Piney Wood Creek that flooded last week are dry again.

They hope improvements in those areas will keep water out of homes again.

 A slow moving frontal system will bring torrential rain and strong thunderstorms starting mid day and last right through Saturday. Rain totals will average around four to six inches.

However much heavier rain is forecast in a line from Ft. Gaines to Cordele. Eight to ten inches is possible there and this can lead to all types of flooding.

The good news is that it will be much drier Sunday. The bad news is that rain returns Monday.


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