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Dougherty Co. school board mulls over school closures


An expert sticks by his proposal to close two east Albany schools.

Dougherty County School board members discussed school closure options but gave no indication which plan they may choose, Thursday night.

People packed the government center for the informational meeting.

Consultant Eric Bosman said his original proposal, closing Dougherty Middle School and Sylvester Road Elementary and repurposing Magnolia Elementary, would be the best solution and cause the least disruption in the future for the school system.

He did discuss other possibilities, but warned about negative consequences they may have.

Critics say the initial plan would unfairly impact east Albany.

"I hope they'll be willing to make some adjustments, even if they do make all of them. If part of their plan goes into action, ok, we'll have to live with that," said Joyce Polie-Davis.

"We've got to do something. We've got too much class space, declining enrollment, less money coming in from the state, we don't want to raise taxes and I don't think anyone on the board does , so we have to raise some finances through doing some things that require tough decisions, but it something we have to do," said Interim Superintendent Dr. David Mosely.

Dr. Mosely expects the board to make a decision next month.


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