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Albany father wants city to step up after son attacked by pit bull


An 11-year-old Albany boy who was attacked by a pit bull last week is speaking out about the traumatic experience.

He was raking leaves in a neighbor's yard when the dog attacked.

The boy's father now wants city leaders enact tougher restrictions on pit bull owners.

After another pit bull mauled a 5-year-old girl Wednesday night, he says enough is enough.

11-year-old Richard Musslewhite says he can't sleep at night after that vicious attack, in fact he refuses to stay at his home near where the attack happened and now sleeps at a relative's house.

Richard Musselwhite remains bandaged up more than a week after he was attacked in the yard of a home on Morningside Drive.

"It hurts. It hurt my head. It hurt my head," said Richard Musselwhite.

His dad, Mark Musselwhite says his son now lives in constant fear. Even the sight of a dog on TV leaves the young boy petrified.

"He jumps. He jumps straight up and rises up. It's terrifying," said Mark Musselwhite.

"I have nightmares at night. Nightmares of dogs on TV," said Richard Musselwhite

Musselwhite thought he lost his son after seeing him after the mauling, missing part of his scalp.

"My other son came running back and he says daddy, Richard is dead. I came running out the house to where he was and all I could see was the top of his head and the blood running down his face," said Mark Musselwhite.

Richard had surgery in Atlanta to repair his scalp and is scheduled to have more procedures in the future.

Now, Musselwhite is even more shocked after hearing of another Pit bull attack in Albany last night; the victim, a five year-old girl.

"I feel for the family. If they're going through what we're going through now, I feel for the family, said Mark Musselwhite.

Now he wants to see more action from city leaders to get dog attack problems under control.

"It's my priority to get Albany or the humane Society to do something more like stricter laws about these dogs and enforce them," said Mark Musselwhite.

He's hoping something can be done before another attack happens with a worse outcome than his son's.

"I just want something to be done about these Pit bulls before It's takes someone getting killed," said Mark Musselwhite.

The five-year-old girl who was attacked yesterday by a Pit Bull is still at Phoebe Memorial Hospital and listed in good condition.

The owner of that dog was charged with Animal at Large and No rabies tag with more charges possible.

The owner of the dog that attacked Richard has not been charged.


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