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Special Report: Fighting crime? There's an app for that


Cell phone technology is becoming so advanced these days you can now monitor your home while away and keep your safe from possible predators.

Nowadays no one is completely safe no matter where you live or what you do. You could be a criminal's next target.

"We have officers out there trying to protect them and we have to do everything we can to assist them," said Mayor Dorothy Hubbard.

And you can assist them by using your Smartphone. Thanks to the evolution of cell phones, you now have crime fighting resources right at your finger tips. From a simple camera.

"I'll tell you I did see a strange person in my neighborhood as I was walking and I did take a picture of him," said Hubbard

To a full security system. "I've got a 2-year-old kid so if their grandmother is coming to keep them, I can disarm the system so she can just go in" said Corey Lee of Central Monitoring.

But you don't have to be home or even in the same country. If your cell phone is by your side, that's all you need.

"You can use your cell phone to look in your house with your total connect cameras and see what's going on anytime day or night," said Mike Lawson with Central Monitoring

 Lawson says from your cell phone you can protect and watch over your entire house. "From your cell phone you can turn on lamps. You can lock and unlock doors and set the thermostat," said Lawson.

It's called Total Connect and by downloading the app you have full control. It gives you a sense of security but you keep a sense of connectivity to your home so that you don't feel isolated.

He opened the app on his phone and gave us a look at his driveway and office without ever leaving the business.

A full system runs around $1,000 plus a monthly fee. But if you're not in the market for a security system, there a free crime fighting apps out there. as well

One app shows how close you live to a registered sex offender and how they look. And you no longer a bulky police scanner to know what's going on in your neighborhood. Simply download Police Scanner and you'll be able to listen to police activity just about anywhere in the world. And if you don't understand the lingo, just download the police codes app.

But nothing can replace the power of a police officer who is out there to protect and serve. But you can certainly help out by giving them as much information as possible. It sends a strong message to criminals that folks are fighting back.

"If we know that we can get a picture of them or anything that could help us prevent crime, I would learn how to do it and encourage others to do it," said Hubbard.

And they're fighting back with their phones. One of the handiest weapons out there.  Crime Fighting Apps vary in price depending on the service they offer and which Smartphone you use.

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