Viewpoint: "PJ's" featured on Nat Geo Channel

Moody Air Force base para-rescue jumpers are being featured on a National Geographic show called "Inside Combat Rescue."

These airmen jump out of airplanes and helicopters to help rescue Americans from enemy terrorist or from the wilderness.

They treat their wounds if they're injured, and get them safely back to American bases.

The upcoming series marks the first time the Air Force will allow cameras to follow this elite unit of rescue warriors known as PJ's.

In Afghanistan as they worked to save critically injured troops and civilians. The "PJ's" conducted 130 missions, and saved 108 lives.

Known as Guardians, they live by their motto "These things I do so that others may live."

We salute the brave and skilled men of the Para-rescue Jumpers team, who represent South Georgia so well, and serve our nation so honorably.