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No Bullying Day kicks off in T'ville


The gunmen in some mass shootings over the years claimed they were victims of bullying.

The founder of one south Georgia non-profit organization organized a No Bullying Day to make sure nothing like that happens here.

While most people acknowledge bullying as a problem, Rico Walker says not enough is being done to prevent it.

"We need to take more initiative about no bullying. Some people, when their kid brings it up to them, they just push it under the rug like it's nothing. You gotta understand that the kid can hurt themselves or hurt someone."

Walker is the Executive Director and Founder of Relief From the Streets Incorporated.

His organization is hosting a No Bullying Day event tomorrow in Thomasville.

"We acknowledge it, but at the same time a lot of people look over it like it's nothing. It'll take some tragedy for them to open their eyes and I'm trying not to let that happen."

"Children have lost their lives as a result of bullying. They have just felt so overwhelmed by the bully, they found that unfortunately there was no other outlet other than suicide and we certainly don't want that to happen to any of our students," said Thomasville Schools Superintendent Sabrina Boykins-Everett

Everett says they have a zero tolerance policy for bullying.

"We take a very serious stance not only with the bully, but also the person who might the victim of bullying. That aligns itself with what the state requires. So we talk with that student. Have that student also work with a counselor."

And Everett says the bullying does not always happen on school grounds. "Not only person to person bullying, but also cyber bullying because sometimes that is much more vicious than in person."

Walker says all ages, races, and genders are invited to attend tomorrow's event.

The No Bullying Day event begins at 10 in front of Big Lots on Jackson Street in Thomasville. For more information or to donate call 229-413-1136.


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