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Bainbridge College now Bainbridge "State" College


Another two-year college in south Georgia will soon start offering four-year degrees.

The University System of Georgia approved a request yesterday to change the name of Bainbridge College to Bainbridge State College as it expands to include bachelor's degrees.

Two-year degrees, four-year degrees.

Bainbridge State College can now say they will have both.

"We're going to offer all the things that we have offered in the past beginning with adult education GED training, a full offering of technical programs and transfer programs. But this now makes us the most comprehensive institution in the state of Georgia," said College President Richard Carvajal.

The newly named institution will soon begin offering a limited number of bachelors degree programs.

And current students are excited about the news.

"I'm very excited about it. My parents always said they thought Bainbridge College had the potential be a university later on down the line and it will draw other students from surrounding counties to come here," said Capria Miller.

"It's going to keep more students in the community. We don't have to travel far to go to school. We can stay in town and stay close to home. I think it's great for the community," said Rachel Mccullough.

"This is truly an exciting week for the institution. It's something we've been working for, for a long time. Obviously the real winners are the current and future students," said Carvajal.

But while not every student will take advantage of this new degree, they all like having the option.

"I started at FAMU, but I didn't like the big university right out of high school so I transferred here to Bainbridge College and I'm thinking about actually staying here in the fall. Not 100 percent sure yet, but I like having the option of being able to stay here if I want to," said Miller.

"One good thing about it is it's close to home. Then another thing about it is, I don't want to be home. But kind of yes and no. Kind of topsy turvy on it," said Diamond Williams.

And school officials say the economic impact will be great.

"Thus far as a two year institution, the economic impact of this institution that was studied by the University of Georgia deemed it $71 million. Well obviously that number is going to multiply now that we are able to offer this new degree," said Carvajal.

The first round of bachelors degree classes will be offered no later than Fall 2014.

The College will start by offering a four-year degree in Business Administration and Management, but down the line plans to also offer degrees in nursing, criminal justice, and other fields.


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