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Sylvester police raid illegal 'shot house'


Sylvester Police have a message for operators of illegal shot houses- You better shut down on your own, or they'll do it for you.

They seized thousands of dollars worth of beer and liquor in a raid this week. Police arrested two people they say were illegally selling the alcohol out of a house that operated as an unlicensed bar.

Investigators are pretty sure that's not the only shot house in Sylvester. Liquor sales aren't permitted in Worth County or in the city of Sylvester.

That was probably part of the reason why a mobile home became the place to get alcohol, even on Sunday.

It looks like a shipment bound for a package store. But these cases of beer and liquor are evidence seized in a shot house raid.

"We had been getting complaints about a particular house here in town where everybody was able to purchase and buy alcohol," said SPD Detective Ronnie Graddy.

People outside the mobile home at 301 South Henderson told me they didn't know anything about a raid. However, Sylvester PD served warrants there Sunday and discovered what was essentially an illegal bar and liquor store, where you could buy a bottle or pay for a cup.

"They're not only selling the beer that all the other places that get the permits and licenses, they're also selling the liquor that no one else can purchase here. You don't have to go to county line to get your liquor. You can just go to 301 South Henderson," Graddy said.

Several bottles of Seagram's Gin, Natural Light and cans of Colt 45 are just some of the beverages found in numerous cases. About $2,000 worth of alcohol. Police arrested 64-year-old Robert Farley and 41-year-old Clara Feaster. They're charged operating a business without a license and sale and possession of distilled spirits in a dry county.

Because of that status, police suspect other shot houses are in operation in the city.

"Maybe this message out to others here that if you're doing it and we find out, we're going to stop you," said Graddy.

Now some South Georgia cities have passed Sunday alcohol sales initiatives.That will be on the ballot in Sylvester this July. Some in law enforcement believe this cuts down on shot houses which do much of their business as you can imagine on Sunday.

 Three other people were arrested during the raid on various charges including marijuana possession.

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