Viewpoint: School cost versus service

The proposed plan to close three Dougherty County Schools naturally is very shocking.

Especially to those who have children who attend the schools being recommended for closure or modification.

It has been good to see large turnouts of citizens for the two public hearings to talk about this controversial plan.

The common complaint from citizens at these hearings is the school board is moving too fast.

With a decision of this magnitude, it is important for school board members to take their time and consider every aspect of this issue before casting their vote.

Whatever decision the board makes, the fact that our community is having to consider closing schools should be a call to action.

We need to find out why parents and students are leaving our system by the hundreds each year and what we can to do to get them to return.

A strong school system is the foundation for a community's economic, intellectual and cultural way of life.

The exodus from the Dougherty County School System is a clear indicator too many people have lost confidence in the system's ability to educate our kids.

Therefore we urge everyone in the community to join forces with the new school board and work to rebuild our system into one that will be envied instead of criticized.