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Moultrie Road and County Line Road floods


Monday and Tuesday saw heavy rains fall in South Georgia.  The result was flooding.  But not every location saw standing water.  Some areas saw dramatic flash flooding while others were spared any major damage.

Heavy rain fell around South Georgia yesterday, leading to this - high water in several places. Places like the intersection of Moultrie Road and County Line Road.

All of the water forced residents like Jennifer Spargo to move quickly to higher ground.  "We had to evacuate our home and cut the power off.  AFD (Albany Fire Department) has been out here, they're trying to check with our neighbors.  We have some neighbors who are still in their homes."

At the epicenter of all of last night's activity was Moree's.  The store has been open for nearly 60 years and is a popular spot for the locals to gather.  You can get water here but this was not the way that they wanted to see it.

Wilson said, "you get a lot of rain, delivered in a short period of time and it just can't get away fast enough."

Wednesday, the waters had receded a bit, but you can still see where the intersection had flooded. And this is not the first time that this spot has been covered in water.

Last night was not the first time that this intersection of Highway 133 and County Line Road has flooded and part of the reason that it floods regularly is because of the geography of this area.

If you look in all directions from the intersection, you can see uphill. That makes this spot like a giant bowl.

"You're delivering the water form this great, large area a catchment basin they call it and delivering it to this small area," said Wilson.

Sitting on that small area is Moree's.  But before all of that water gets here part of it does get absorbed.

Wilson said, "if you've got a sinkhole with a direct connect to the aquifer, it's got room to go down because the aquifers are low."

Another part goes into the forest, but most of it runs into the only body of water that drains this area, Dry Creek.  Eventually, it all runs into one place - the Flint River.  Fortunately, it can take some water.

"If we had gotten this rain that we've gotten over the last few days and we had been at normal winter flows you would have compounded the problem, but we did start out with a fairly empty system," said Wilson.

For now, though, the people here will continue to watch the sky and hope that it dries out a bit before the rains come again.

We talked to the family that owns the Moree store and they told us that flooding used to happen there just about every year but that it's not as frequent as it used to be.

For the month so far, Albany is nearly 2 inches above it's normal rainfall.

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