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Heavy rains prompt road, school closures in Irwin


A stretch of Althea Road was no match for a swollen creek that washed it away. It's one of nearly a dozen roads closed in the county following days of heavy rain.

"The safety of our kids is number one," said Irwin County School Bus Shop Supervisor John Hudson

And that's why Irwin County Schools got the day off Wednesday.  Hudson says the 6 inches, or so, of rain that fell overnight on top of what fell earlier this week gave a pretty clear indication that buses couldn't run on some roads.

"At that time we had too many roads that had water for hundreds of feet over the road that you couldn't tell what was under it. We sure didn't want to run a bus through it and didn't want anyone running their vehicles through it either," said Hudson.

Even after much of the water subsided, it took a 4 wheel drive to get through some spots.

"I was happy. Kind of shocked," said Bo Swanson.

Like most kids, the 8th grader was glad classes were canceled. But despite some washouts it appears school will be open on Thursday.

Those who live in areas where conditions are still bad, officials say parents have options.

"Most parents have the bus drivers numbers and we'll try to make those plans tonight for you to meet the bus somewhere in the morning if you can get there with a 4-wheel drive vehicle or however you can get out," said Hudson.

"We won't put those kids on a bus in danger of trying to get there," he said.

For now efforts are underway to repair those roads as folks hope no more rain falls anytime soon.

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