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Worth County flooding forces evacuations

Rosetta Strickland and her family Rosetta Strickland and her family
Thomas Road in Worth County Thomas Road in Worth County

Parts of Worth County saw about 9 inches of rain over the past couple days.  And all that water forced some residents to evacuate. While officials are still assessing homes and roads, there doesn't seem to be any extensive damage.

It was a common sight around Worth County- water covering yards and threatening homes. More than a dozen families in Worth County evacuated as the water began rising.

Rosetta Strickland and her family evacuated their home on Spring flats Road around 2am Wednesday morning, after police and fire officials showed up recommending they leave.

"They were urging us and then I have children and for their sake mostly. Because, we could of dealt with it ourselves, but when it comes to my children, I make sure they're safe," said Strickland. 

The Red Cross put the Strickland's and two other families, up in a hotel for the night. And when they anxiously returned home, they weren't sure what to expect.

"I was surprised to see it looked as good as it did. I was kind of afraid it might get in the house or something but it didn't. And it's drying up pretty quick," said Strickland.  

The Strickland family has only lived in this home for three months. But other longtime residents have seen flooding like this before.

"It is when you have big rains, like 5, 6 inch rains. It's pretty typical," said Mike Jones, Worth County resident.

And officials used history to help protect residents the best they could.

"This actual path took out in 2005, we've seen it again in 2007 and 2009. So we're no stranger to the flooding possibilities that happen here and the actual homes that's been damaged. And that's why we're very diligent about getting that first onset to evaluate where we're at with our water situation and what our public works, fire department and police need to do to keep that water flowing," said Angel Gray, the Sylvester Code Enforcement Supervisor.

While many residents didn't see a lot of damage, they're continuing to watch nearby creeks and the forecast.

Rosetta Strickland is especially grateful to the police and fire officials who came out to their home early this morning. And she says she'll begin donating to the Red Cross after all their help.


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