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Active shooter drill trains employees for real thing


How would you react if a gunman entered your office?

An active shooter drill in Valdosta today taught some public employees how to prepare for the real thing.

Workers at the South Health District office took cover under desks and behind furniture as an Army veteran pretended to open fire in the building.

Dressed in a black trench coat and armed with a gun, Army veteran Jeffrey Myers made his disguise as an active shooter seem very real.

He entered the South Health District building this morning and pretended to open fire. He searched the entire building looking for his victims. But with the active shooter training these 30 employees received, the Desert Storm vet had no luck finding a body in sight.

"I'm surprised it was so quiet, usually there's some kind of noise and talking. They did a very good job of not being able to be seen," said Myers.

Trained by Homeland Security, coordinator Alfred Goosby says there are certain things people need to know in a situation like this.

"Evacuate, hide, or at the last resort defend yourself; let that be the last thing you do."

Experts say if you don't have an escape route in your office, it's important to have furniture that you can move to barricade yourself inside.

"Know your environment, know where the exit doors are, know if your door locks from the inside, just things around you that you would take for granted, you need to know those," said Goosby.

Myers says with recent shooting rampages, training now is more important than ever.

"The world has changed so much when it comes to violence with weapons so it's very very good training to do this in any company."

Experts also say if you call 911 during a shooting situation, don't hang on the line with the operator. Any noise could make you a victim.

Goosby and his team are available to train companies in an active shooter drill at no charge. You can reach him at the South Health District at 229-245-3862.

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