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Mother of dog attack victim speaks


The mother of a boy who was seriously injured in a dog attack in Albany is speaking out. Her son is in stable condition in an Atlanta hospital after having part of his scalp ripped off in that attack. She's hoping her story can help prevent another one.

It's been two days since Rachel Musselwhite's son, Richard, was attacked by a neighbor's dog, but the pain is still there- for both of them.

"I've got a picture in there of my son that I hold every night right before I go to bed and just cry, thinking about him," said Rachel.

The fourth grader is described as a class clown and energetic. His mom says he's your typical 11 year-old boy who likes to play outside.

Now he'll have to have several surgeries after the dog latched onto his head, creating a large wound, which doctors cannot close.

"He sounded good, but you can tell it in his voice that he was in pain. It's just rough, he'll never get back the way he was."

Richard was at his neighbor's house at 223 Morningside Drive Sunday when the pit bull attacked him.

The dog owner says her son told her Richard and his brother Mark, jumped a fence into her yard to get a rake. She says that's when the dog, which was secured, attacked them.

But Richard told his mother that he was raking the backyard, when the owner's son let the dog loose and went after him. The dog is still under quarantine.

"I'm really scared. Richard told me himself, he'll probably never go outside again to play. But we're having a fence put in my yard to protect my family for now."

Police don't expect to file charges, but Rachel says she wants something done.

"There's too many kids in the neighborhood that's young like my son that were his friends that it could happen to. And I don't want to see it happen to somebody else."

In addition to preventing another attack, she's hoping this will help protect her family on their road to recovery.

Rachel Musselwhite's husband is staying with Richard in Atlanta, while she takes care of her children here. Richard will have to have some reconstructive surgery in a couple weeks.



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