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Burglars thwart revitalization efforts


An Albany property owner says her effort to revitalize part of 8th Avenue is on hold – if not completely off the table – all because of burglars. Thieves stole thousands of dollars worth of tools from a home that was being renovated to make that neighborhood a better place to live.

"That means if I catch you I shoot you," said Patricia Kalkavouras. "It did not work."

The sign has a powerful message. But it didn't stop burglars from targeting Kalkavouras' rental home on 8th Avenue. Crooks pried open a back window over the weekend and stole nearly $4,000 worth of tools.

"We're talking about compressors, skill saws, jigsaws, Makitas…"

The home is one of a handful of properties she bought along 8th Avenue in an effort to revitalize that neighborhood and make it more renter friendly. She says the addition of a new EMS building led her to spend countless hours fixing up this house herself.

"Maybe someone can a have a home to live in when it's done."

Now that cannot happen.

"I cannot finish the house. I don't have my tools and it holds you back."

The facelift she wanted to provide likely won't go through thanks to thieves and the frustration they've caused her.

"I feel like calling the auctioneer and selling everything. I've lost interest. I've lost interest in everything. I don't understand what's better or what's worse anymore."

Kalkavouras says crooks are making it more and more difficult to make some parts of town more inviting places to live. But she has a message for them.

"Well I hope they catch them and put them behind bars right where they belong."

She also hopes her tools are located so she won't have to abandon a project with good intentions at the hands of bad guys trying to profit off what belonged to her.

A-P-D's burglary unit is investigating. If you have any information call CrimeStoppers at 436-TIPS.

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