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Severe Weather Awareness Week: Flood Safety


This is Kinchafoonee Creek in Lee County.  Like all of the other rivers, creeks and streams in our area, it's serene, beautiful, peaceful.  The view from Shane Lee's back yard is spectacular, he lives along the creek and says that he loves what it has to offer.

"It's peaceful to live out here, actually this is a good spot, I get to see the boaters go by and they're always real nice and generous," he said.

But when the rains come it can be destructive, as Lee knows all too well.  Although he wasn't living in this house he remembers 1994 very well.

"This friend of mine, his father was affected by the flood and we had to go get him and all his stuff out of his house," he said.

The house that he lives in now was built after that flood, but he knows that water could be a problem if the rains are too heavy and too quick.

"I've been told that it has gotten up to 10 inches in the basement here," he said.

He says that he's prepared for any kind of flooding that might happen.  It comes with living near the water.

"Sometimes you've got to suffer the consequences of living near the river."

Lee knows what he would do if we see 20 inches of rain like we did during those soaked days of July 1994..."if we was going back to the 20 inches and the Flood of '94, I would probably be cleaning everything out of my house."

So for now, Lee will enjoy his view and life along the creek.  And he'll keep paying close attention to the forecast.

There are two types of flood warnings that affect us in South Georgia.  The first is a Flash Flood Warning, which can occur just about anywhere when the rains come too heavy and too quickly.

Then there are River Flood Warnings when the rains come for several days running and make rivers, creeks and streams run over their banks.

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency has some good flood safety tips on their web site.

Find a link to their site here.

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