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Your Week in Viral Videos: Don't try this at home or anywhere else

(RNN) – As we begin this series of things that can only be accomplished by either trained professionals or complete morons, we would like you to meet Verbal Ase.

The beatboxing legend who also entertains passengers on New York subways is somewhat of an underground legend and does a killer remix of Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train – using just his voice.

Also known as Spongebob Beatbox, his presence is worth taking a trip on the N train if you're ever in the Big Apple.


It seems South Africans frown upon young, adventurous people riding their skateboards down busy mountain roads. What a bunch of killjoys.

A very popular skateboarder decided to spit in the face of convention, and judging by his speed, he probably got that loogie right back. But this can't be that illegal in a place where everyone drives on the left side of the street.

What? Why is everyone laughing?


Speaking of really bad traffic decisions, this brilliant lad was caught on camera, passed out cold in the driver's seat with a bottle by his side and an empty can in hand.

This also happened in South Africa. Of course it did. What is with people over there this week?

Let's not assume anything. It could have been a bottle of grape juice spritzer, a can of ginger ale and the end to a really long day… Riiiiiight.


Usually, recording your young children while they're doing random things on car rides is an awesome idea, but dangerous things happen when you expose people younger than 3 to Korean pop.

The brain trust here at YWVV made an oath to shun anything related to Gangnam Style, much like we did to Carly Rae Whatsherface last year.

However, pressure from the masses forced us to bring this incredibly cute baby to you. Stop complaining and watch. It's a cute baby, for goodness sake!


Want an introduction that is sure to get you laughs or a smack in the face? Or you might want both if that's your thing.

If so, then offering inappropriate things to people in a crowded place will definitely do the trick.

Word to the wise – You really shouldn't try this. But if you do, well, we'll just leave it at that.


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