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Positive parvo test locks down Thomas Co. shelter


Humane Society Director Ed Williams is no stranger to severe animal viruses and quarantines.

Last year at this time, 12 dogs had to be euthanized after an outbreak of another disease.

"That was canine distemper virus which was a little worse. And it also got ahead of us. It had spread throughout the facility and all the different areas and all the different zones before the first case actually tested positive," said Williams.

This time around it was a puppy recently adopted from the shelter that tested positive for the canine parvovirus.

"The whole shelter, except for the cat areas, is on sort of a lockdown, two week quarantine. That's standard protocol. The GDA official was here yesterday and approved of our response plan," said Williams.

Cats are still available for adoption, but no dogs are allowed to enter or leave the facility during this time.

"If there is any way they can hold it for a couple of weeks. I know that is a lot to ask in some situations, but if you pick up a stray, find a stray and can hold it for a couple of weeks that would be really helpful. If you can't do that maybe there is a friend or family member that can do it for you. There are other shelters in the area," said Williams.

Williams says puppy patient 0 was vaccinated, but because of its age, was still vulnerable to the disease.

"It takes a course of three shots in two week intervals, especially if they have never been vaccinated before to sort of build up a decent immunity to it. Which is why this puppy tested positive."

But so far no other dogs have tested positive for the virus.

"We're being very careful, very vigilant, keeping an eye out for symptoms and things like that. Hopefully there is nothing else, but we will certainly keep the public informed," said Williams.

Williams say Animal Control will still bring in bite cases for quarantine to be held in an isolation area not affected by parvo.

Annual vaccinations are recommended for all dogs 6 weeks and older to protect against parvo and other diseases.


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