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Moody specialists featured on "Inside Combat Rescue"

Nat Geo is featuring the Air Force pararescuemen who rescue downed pilots Nat Geo is featuring the Air Force pararescuemen who rescue downed pilots

A group of Moody Airmen will be featured on a National Geographic documentary series that premieres this month. Camera crews followed the Para-rescuemen in Afghanistan as they worked to save critically injured troops and civilians.

Four months, 130 missions, and 108 lives saved. National Geographic had their cameras rolling as Para-rescuemen from Moody Air Force Base worked to save the critically injured in Afghanistan.

Their missions will be featured on a show called Inside Combat Rescue. "There's no politics involved, there no discussion of policy. It's just about heroes and what these heroes do on the front lines," said Nat Geo Communications VP Chris Albert.

 For the first time ever the United States Air Force allowed cameras to follow this elite unit of rescue warriors known as PJ's. These men are some of the most highly trained emergency trauma specialists in the military.

"The whole premise of why we do what we do and our whole mission is to go out and put ourselves at risk so that other people can go home and see their families," said Barry Creel, a Moody AFB PJ.

Newcomer, Barry Creel experienced his first deployment on the show as a PJ. "I definitely love the immediate satisfaction of going out and saving someone, there's really not a better feeling you could have," said Creel.

At a moment's notice these men respond to save the wounded in one of Afghanistan's most dangerous cities, Kandahar.

Backpacks are critical to a PJ's job, in the field they can save an amputee with surgical equipment and IV fluids. Veteran PJ, Brett Taylor who's on his 6th deployment Says he's nervous but he is ready for America to see what's happening overseas.

"Hopefully this will open people's eyes and allow them to see what is still going on you know years and years later, this is still happening. But we're still over there doing our jobs and saving people's lives," said Moody AFB PJ Brett Taylor.

Known as Guardians, they live by their motto "These things I do so that others may live." The documentary airs February 18th on the National Geographic Channel.

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