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Financial woes plague city commissioner

BJ Fletcher BJ Fletcher

An Albany city commissioner continues to pay back thousands of dollars his company owes for events around town, but one group is still waiting.

BJ Fletcher, with the Hilton Garden Inn in Albany says Commissioner Chris Pike, who owns Urban Pulse, owes them more than $11,000 for hosting the Albany Area Black Expo back in April.

Fletcher says they went to court, but were told he doesn't make enough to have his wages garnished.

"These are men and women on our commission and our city representatives that every month, they sit down and they decide are we going to pay more taxes?  Or are we going to pay more bills, etc?  And this is one of the gentlemen," said Fletcher.

Pike says the event simply didn't make enough revenue.

"Obviously every penny we had went into it, and then some.  And so at the end of the day you just run out of resources to kind of make the ends meet.  It's nothing that we did that's wrong or illegal, it just wasn't enough." said Pike.

Fletcher says they're offering monthly installments, but haven't heard from Pike.

Pike says his company paid back the Albany Civic Center, now he says they're working on a plan to pay the Hilton Garden Inn.

The Albany city finance director confirms Pike reimbursed the Civic Center more than $2,000 last month.


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