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Pollen levels are up


In case you hadn't noticed that yellow sheen on your car, the pollen levels are up again. And the season is only expected to get worse.

Early blooms due to warmer than normal weather have caused early sniffles and sneezes for people who suffer from seasonal allergies.  A lack of good rainfall hasn't helped either.

But while the plant pollen would go down a bit with a rain, it's not the only kind of pollen that is causing problems that are driving people to the allergists right now.

Dr. Dennis Robinson of the Allergy and Asthma Clinic of Georgia said, "the mold issue too.  Again we've got a lot of that going on.  It tends to be mostly dry weather mold right now.  And all those are triggering patients with eyes itching and watering, nose itching and watering, runny, drippy, sneezy.  Congestion and headaches are a big complaint."

Dr. Robinson says that the allergy season in our area lasts for most of the year, only truly ending after the first frost makes the plants that produce the pollen dormant.

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