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Albany neighbors chase entering auto thieves


Minutes after folks in a central Albany neighborhood chased away two men who had broken into several cars, the crooks came back.

About 9 Tuesday night Clement Burnam said his family heard a car horn in their driveway and saw two men inside a family member's car.

They chased the thieves down the street, but they got away.

A few minutes later they looked out the window and saw the bold thieves were back looting the same car.

"One was in her car again, and one went across the street to my neighbor's car," said Clement Burnam.  "And at that time they came out of the house and ran them off again. But the police were called."

Several neighbors discovered their cars had been broken into as well.

Tiffany Morris found her car door open.

The car was ransacked, but nothing was missing.

Many of the owners say their car doors were locked, so they suspect these thieves had a tool to unlock the doors.

Police are investigating.

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