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Rash of burglaries continue in T'ville


A lot of people are on edge after a rash of burglaries in Thomasville.

Police added three more burglary cases Wednesday, on top of more than 40 recent unsolved break-ins they were already investigating.

And one woman says she plans to ramp up her own home security.

Armed robberies, entering autos, burglaries.

"It's scary."

What were once few and far between are now every day occurrences in Thomasville.

"It's happening more and more in Thomasville. It's something you used to not here about and now you hear about it every day and this one is right next door so it has really got my attention," said Thomasville Resident Janet Johnson.

"Things have changed. Criminals have changed their way of thinking. There was a time when you didn't have to lock your door and you didn't have to secure your vehicle, but now we are seeing a lot burglaries, a lot of entering autos. So we recommend lock your doors and secure your vehicles," said Lt. Eric Hampton.

A house on Reid Street in Thomasville was one of three broken into last night.

Next door neighbor Janet Johnson says it's a wake up call. "I'm going to secure my home and my property because I have kids and you know I just don't want people coming in taking what they want or hurting anybody. Either one. I'm hoping the police can catch who did this because it is getting crazy."

While investigating a burglary at a house on Cannon Street, officers found evidence of someone inhabiting a shed next to the house.

"We are not sure if these people are homeless or if they are just entering the residence and kind of making themselves at home. That's something we have not been able to find out at this point. I'm sure we will find that out once we develop a suspect," said Hampton.

Investigators want to remind to folks to secure their homes and their vehicles because in some of these cases, the doors were unlocked.

A reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of any burglary suspect.

If you know anything, call Thomasville Crime Stoppers 227-3305.

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