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Hybrid car sales increase along with gas prices


How much money do you spend a year on gas?

Government numbers out Tuesday show the amount the average American spent last year jumped to nearly $3,000 and gas prices are higher now than this time last year.

In Georgia, the average price jumped 14 cents a gallon in just the last week.

Does that mean more of you are looking for more fuel-efficient vehicles?

Americans spent the most at gas pumps ever in 2012.

A new government report say about 4% of Americans income goes into their tank. So why not buy a car that can help cut that out?

"I think they're all too high and need to come down," said driver Ronald Parton.

Drivers like Parton say they're fed up with paying high gas prices.

Parton says he can't fill his truck up when gas prices continue to soar. Tuesday, he put in less than half of what his tank can hold.

"I can't fill it up every time. It takes about $150 to fill it up," said Parton.

"That's the way it always does. It starts real low then it starts peeking. I'm not surprised, but I didn't expect for it to peek so soon," said driver Nola Mitchell.

Nationally, the average price of gas has jumped 17cents since last week according to AAA.

That's one of the reasons why more drivers are testing the waters with hybrid cars.

Sunbelt Ford General Manager Pete Pines say one out of every 10 cars that sells on his lot is a hybrid and now Ford is trying to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to hybrid technology.

"Ford actually sells three models in hybrid right now. The Fusion, the Escape and the all new C-max. The C-max gets 47 miles per gallon in town and on the highway and with people trying to save money anyway they can today, hybrids are one way they can do that because it saves in fuel cost," said Pines.

When you get more miles to the gallon from your vehicle, you're getting more bang for your buck.

"It will save the typical customer $150 per month just in gas prices," said Pines.

As for Parton and Mitchell they say they'll stick with their current vehicles until they can come up with a better solution to this growing problem.

"This is a gas guzzler but it is what I drive. It just takes more to fill up so I don't drive anywhere I don't have to go," said Mitchell.

Economists say a positive economic outlook and supply issues are causing these prices to rise here at the pumps.

Georgia is bucking the national trend.

According to AAA, our average gas price now of $3.46 a gallon is actually a few cents less than this time last year.


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