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IHOP raising money for Children's Miracle Network

Folks across the nation are eating pancakes to support the Children's Miracle Network.

A group of lee county high school students woke up bright and early to do their part.

Crew manager Terry Young was happy to see them, "We got a lot of kids from Lee County that in here eating pancakes and they have gave great donations [sic]."

IHOP hopes that people will flock to their locations nationally to raise money and awareness.

"That is very dear to my heart because my grand baby Brianna, after she came in weighed a pound and 13 ounces and it was a little touch and go. It was sad and that is one organization that is really dear to my heart [sic]" said Young.

Young knows first hand what money from the miracle network can do to help a family and she says any donation great or small can help.

She says, "Whatever they can give from the heart whatever they can give it will be a great umm can help a baby [sic]."

This IHOP on Cartmell Drive in Lee County set a five thousand dollar goal, and if turnout this year is like last year they should reach that goal.

Amanda Biery with Phoebe Putney says, "Combined our locations raise about 10 thousand dollars each year and 100 percent of that money stays locally here in southwest Georgia to treat the children of our community."

Children's Miracle Network provides comfort and treatment to millions of children every year.

IHOP hopes to raise three million dollars nationally during the free pancakes promotion.

Last year, they raised 10 million dollars over the entire year....this year the goal is 13 million.

If you want some pancakes you can donate until 10pm Tuesday night.

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