Viewpoint: Black History Month

February kicks off Black History Month, when we remember the civil rights movement, and the changes our nation has seen.

This month and throughout the year, we celebrate all the notable Americans who have fought and died for equal rights for all people.

Those include not only the Doctor Kings, Malcolm X's and Booker T. Washington's of history, but also the everyday maid, laborer or teacher who marched, protested, wrote letters and refused to simply take disrespectful treatment.

South Georgia can point to Charles Sherrod, Ola Mae Quarterman, Alice Coachman, Dr. William Anderson, C. B. King, Senior, A. C. Searles, Thomas Chatmon, Slater King, and the Albany Nine.

In South Georgia, the contributions of African Americans can be easily seen at the National Civil Rights Museum, at 326 Whitney Avenue, downtown.

Let us all learn the history that was made right here in Albany and surrounding communities. It will put a real face and name on the events that added to the momentum of change that transformed America. If you'll be