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Little Caesars manager allows friend to rob store


A former Little Caesars employee is in the Thomas County Jail charged with robbing her own bosses.

20-year old Bernard Carter was arrested Friday afternoon for the Friday morning armed robbery in Thomasville.

But police say he was not working alone.

They arrested store manager 21-year old Alexia Brown Monday.

Investigators say with one suspect in jail, and time to look over the facts, they had a feeling there was more to the story.

"Some things just weren't adding up. How the robbery actually happened with open businesses on either side of it and the fact that this place wasn't even opened yet. But the person was actually able to get in and commit an armed robbery with a door that was supposed to be locked," said Detective Louis Schofill.

Just before 10 Friday morning police were called to the Little Caesars on Jackson Street in Thomasville in reference to a robbery.

Witnesses, including Alexia Brown, said a man forced his way into the shop with a gun and demanded money.

Investigators say it was actually Brown's description of Carter that helped lead them to his arrest.

"We were able to recover the clothes that Mr. Carter was wearing based on the descriptions that the employees gave us. Matched clothes that we found at his house later on that day," said Schofill.

Investigators say they first suspected Brown as an accomplice when they brought her to the station for formal questioning.

"She acted like a really good witness at the beginning of the interview. And then we were able to, throughout the course of the interview, we were able to turn the interview against her and start questioning her more," said Schofill.

Investigators say they do not think Brown had the idea to set up the robbery when she was first hired.

"She originally started as an employee and she recently got moved up to manager. When she became manager she had access to a key to the front door and also had knowledge of how much money would be in the safe and at what times," said Schofill.

And they say these "inside jobs" are popping up more often.

"We've gotten a couple here that we've been able to track back to where it wasn't a stranger on stranger type. It was more people have intimate knowledge of where some money or some other items that they're going to steal will be at," said Schofill.

Carter did leave the shop with $5,000, but it was later recovered and returned to the business.

Investigators say Brown and Carter were friends from high school.

They are both charged with armed robbery.


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