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Georgia Sheriff's Association Stands By 2nd Amendment


The Georgia Sheriffs' Association takes a strong stand against proposed stricter gun control laws.

The members of the association say they will stand by the second amendment.

They say there are better ways to curb gun violence than restricting gun ownership.

The Sheriffs' Association says they "will aggressively oppose Federal or State Legislation which would infringe upon law abiding citizens' rights to bear arms." South Georgia's Sheriff's representative say enforcing the laws already in effect will do more to protect people.

As the debate rages over stricter gun laws and even gun bans, Georgia's Sheriffs say people want to know their opinions and official position.

Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals said "My office has been flooded with phone calls. People come in or see me out on the streets, and ask me where I stood."

At the Georgia Sheriffs' Association meeting last week in Atlanta, the gun debate was a big topic. And the Association took a strong official position.

 Rachals said "The Sheriff's took an oath to support the Constitution of the United States, and will stand by the Second Amendment."

Sheriff Rachals, the Association Vice President for the Region, said Georgia's Sheriffs agreed that no law would have them confiscating guns.

Rachals said "There is a lot of talk going on out there. What will and won't happen. I just believe today that ain't going to happen. I mean I'm not going to do it."

The Georgia Sheriffs' Association says addressing mental health issues and enforcing current gun laws to the max would better protect people.

 Rachals said "Make these people pay for their crime by being locked up for a proper amount of time, and face it you are not going to get by with this."

Using a gun during a violent crime should add five years in prison onto any sentence, but Sheriffs say too often those years are bargained away. The Sheriffs say effectively penalize criminals who use guns, and don't try to take away law abiding person's guns.

Sheriff Rachals said like most Georgia Sheriffs he has fielded lots of questions and heard opinions about gun control and assault rifle debates, but he said not one person has come to him saying they want stricter gun control.

The Georgia Sheriffs' Association official position on the gun control debate is posted on their website.  Link to it here.

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