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Man pulled from fire, dies shortly


Two men who pulled their neighbor from his burning home were unfortunately too late. 

Authorities believe the fire started in the kitchen of the mobile home at 507 West 27th Street.

The man inside was pulled to safety but died shortly after from his injuries.

The men who tried to save their neighbor from his burning home don't consider themselves heroes, they say they were just doing what anyone would have done in that situation.

"That is with anybody, if you know somebody is in a house burning, it is just a feeling that comes to you, that you know you have to try to get them out anyway you can," Charlie Edwards said.

Friday afternoon, 62-year-old Fred Shepherd was home alone when his mobile home, on West 27th Street, caught fire.

"I saw fire coming from the window, so I ran over there, kicked in the front door and tried to get in, but I couldn't get in because the draft of the smoke and all that came out," Edwards said.

He broke the glass on the windows trying to let the smoke escape. That is when he and his friend ran to the back door.

"He bust out the window, and was able to reach around there and open the door, and when we opened the door, he was laying right there, on the floor right there, and we just pulled him out," Edwards said.

"He was burnt up, but he was right there by the back door, like he was trying to get out of the house," Wallace Boone said.

They placed him on the ground away from the burning home. Most of his body was burned but he was still alive.

"They were talking to him but he wouldn't answer, he wasn't responsive, he was just looking"

Now neighbors are left with nightmares of that terrible day.

"I can't even sleep at night now, because we have been friends a long time," Garland Ingram said.

Authorities believe food left on the stove could have caused the blaze.

Shepherd's wife also lived there, but she was not home at the time of the fire.

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