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Surviving violence in workplace


Prevention of a workplace violence is a growing concern for all employees throughout the country.

Saturday, First Line Security and Training held a course teaching people how to survive violence in the workplace or a school setting.

It is every parents worst nightmare, news of an active shooter in their child's school.

Saturday, teachers and administrators learned how to handle a situation like that, hopefully giving parents a little more piece of mind.

"I think the message is out there really well that, yes we are here to educate, but the first thing we want to do for our parents, is make sure they know their children are safe at school when they drop them off," says Cora Brettel, Worth Co. Primary School Admin/ Building Safety Chair.

For Cora Brettel, this training is even more important after the school she works for was locked down last week for bomb threats.

"When we received our first lock down call, we took it as if it was real, which it was, I thought everything went extremely well, people knew hat their role was, they knew what to do, and they did it," says Brettel.

That type of mindset is what trainers want employees in violent situations to have. They say you have to be proactive and know your surroundings so you can pick up on signs to look for.

"You have got to turn your light on when you get in somewhere, look around, something can be changed that day when you walk into an area, so be aware of it, be aware of a student, the way he changes his activities, or the way he is acting that day when he gets to school, we can't just ignore it, we have got to acknowledge it, and if you don't train to do that, then you are not going to be looking for those things," says Jerry Lipsey, First Line Security and Training.

Which could be the difference between life and death. On February 16th, First Line Security and Training will hold another course on surviving violence in the workplace and school setting in Warner Robins.

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