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Bundle up - it's going to be cold outside


Better bundle up. Temperatures are falling, and south Georgia will be in a deep freeze tonight.

It's expected to be the coldest night of the season so far in Albany.

It will definitely be a huge change from the record tying highs of only a few days ago.

Since temperatures are expected to drop by several degrees.

While light jackets are nice for most occasions, tonight it may not be enough to handle the cold. One clothier that we talked to says that while much of their coat business is driven by how cold the weather is expected to get, it's not the only factor.

"It's driven by the weather forecasting and if people like to do a lot of traveling or for example.  I talk about myself. I like to have a jacket in my closet or two to match what I have."

Remember that one of the first places that you lose heat from your body is in the extremities - things like hands and feet.  So gloves - or even better mittens - will be good things to have tonight if you have to be outside.

Despite how cold it's expected to be Friday night, temperatures in January were well above average.

The average temperature was nearly eight degrees above the normal.

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