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Your Week in Viral Videos: We love kids, yes we do...

(RNN) – A small kid with a big heart gave the world a pep talk for the ages. He also bumbled some of the most famous song lyrics of all time, but who's keeping score?

The young man known best as Kid President encouraged everyone to do something amazing and give everyone else a reason to dance. Ironically, dancing is somewhat dangerous for him because he has a degenerative bone disease.

"It's like that dude Journey said: Don't stop believing … unless your dream is stupid. Then you should get a better dream."

Such poetry from the mouth of a babe.


Since we're already in the "kids do the cutest things" mindset, we might as well feature the mini celebrity that shamelessly waggled his hips in front of thousands at an NBA game.

When the Indiana Pacers' "Old School Dance Cam" settled on this young man, he flawlessly showed off impressive moves like the "Water Sprinkler," the "Boogie Woogie" and, umm, something else that doesn't quite fit description.

One thing is obvious - his parents have taught him well.


Lesson No. 1 when attempting a ski jump - don't speed check.

An 11-year-old didn't quite nail the landing when attempting his first jump on the slopes, but the effort was good.

The sound from his fall was a bit sickening … until you realized he was OK. The dad's reaction indicates he wasn't too worried, either.


Just when you thought it was over, the Gangnam Style craze continues to spread like the digital Bubonic plague.

Apologies, but this video of a kid who probably can't walk yet doing the dance was too cute to pass up.

If he catches on to things this quickly, someone really should pop in math video.


This guy isn't a kid, but what he did on the basketball court amounts to a juvenile mistake.

You can make a couple of excuses for him - he's young, he's playing in a basketball league in a foreign country, indigestion from Russian food is probably affecting his concentration.

But the coach's reaction was classic and unforgettable.

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