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Suspected drug dealer swallows crack cocaine


A suspected drug dealer is in the Thomas County Jail after a visit to the emergency room.

Narcotics agents were told 37-year old Anthony Barber would be delivering crack cocaine and marijuana to a house in Grady County.

Agents spotted Barber's car on U.S. 319 South and pulled him over.

Agents noticed something in Barber's mouth, but Barber refused to spit it out and began scuffling with the agents.

During the scuffle, a bag of marijuana fell out of Barber's pocket.

After he was arrested, Barber admitted to swallowing crack cocaine and was taken to the ER.

"It's not worth dying over and not going to jail. If you are going to be in that business and you get caught with cocaine than it's a lot better to go to jail and fight it another day than have to go to the ER and possibly die," said Narcotics Commander Kevin Lee.

Barber is charged with two counts of obstruction, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, and a probation violation.

Agents say they could not charge him with cocaine possession because he swallowed it.


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